There is so much more to Cannabis than just THC!

You can’t take something from nature that is alive, complex and so beautiful and reduce it down to one single component. Come talk to any one of our Ideal Budtenders to learn about the Entourage Effect and terpenes and have fun empowering yourself to find your own Ideal Buds. ✌️❤️

The synergistic effects of cannabinoids and terpenes offer a great deal of additional benefits which is only beginning to be investigated scientifically. Terpenophenolic compounds also contain biological activities that make them important for human health. As Cannabis consumers become more educated on the full potential of cannabis, cannabis preparations and with the complexities in the various compounds found within cannabis, they will become more discerning in choosing their ideal strains which will help increase the quality of the cannabis available to them along with the research relating to the synergistic benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes.
– Excerpt quoting Dr. Ethan Russo