The Lowdown on Full Spectrum Products

The current cannabis industry is a remarkable machine of innovation and creativity backed by science and research, dedicated to creating products that aim to improve lives in every aspect. You see it every day in product variations and an increased understanding of how cannabis compounds interact with each other and the body.
Carefully cultivated, processed, and grown, we could argue that cannabis is at its most incredible pinnacle so far. The result is a more consistent product with reliable outcomes creating happier consumers and a new generation of cannabis consumers.

Long story short, this isn’t your parent’s marijuana.
Full-spectrum products reflect the years of research and understanding we’ve refined about how cannabis works, what compounds create specific effects, and how to extract properly the over 482 known compounds of the cannabis plant.

What’s the big deal with full-spectrum products?
Full-spectrum products are one of the most difficult to produce due to the multitude of compounds in the cannabis plant. THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGN, terpenes, and flavonoids are all desirable components, and it’s a delicate process to keep them while producing full-spectrum vapes, edibles, or tinctures. While there is no industry consensus on what comprises a true full-spectrum product, we can say that the goal is to keep as much of the full chemical profile of the cannabis as possible through production.
That delicate process is essential because of its connection to the entourage effect. One of the best definitions of the entourage effect comes from food and beverage technology experts “Entourage effect is the theory that cannabinoids have more favourable action when delivered with a higher proportion of native phytochemicals such as terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. This manifests as both amplification of positive effects (efficacy) and modulation of undesirable ones (tolerability).”
Simply put, retaining the naturally occurring compounds in the plant makes for a smoother, more reliable, and more enjoyable experience for consumers.

What kinds of full-spectrum products exist?
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Always ask questions and use the staff at Ideal Buds as a source of knowledge. They’re there to guide and help you so you’re able to experience the best possible side of cannabis.