The Best Things To Do When You’re High Pt 4.READING

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I just love reading! It’s something I do allot of! Every day! And I prefer to do it High! This particular book is one I highly recommend and you can get it right now for your Kindle off (what a wonderful world!) I feel that with the right terpene profile and the correct cannabinoid ratios, the experience is most pleasurable. This can be tricky but rewarding. I find that while high I prefer nonfiction to fiction. Although a short read like a pulp adventure novel can come alive with a joint in hand, thicker selections may seem to drag on and erode your attention span. Some people get lost in a thick book though, and a bowl full of good pipe-weed can help you dive even deeper.
Pinene is said to promote temporary feelings of alertness and memory aid.


Limonene is said to be able to temporarily increase energy and elevate mood by increasing serotonin and influencing receptors that trigger the release of dopamine.

It is believed that Beta-Caryophyllene may help your brain function more efficiently by boosting oxygen and reducing neuroinflammation.