THC is a poor indicator of potency!

THC is a poor indicator of potency! Before cannabis was legal, no one ever asked their dealer what the THC potency was!! Lol! It wasn’t tested anyway, and black market still isn’t tested so anything they may have said or still say it BS.

Besides, it’s been found that high levels of THC actually seem to aggravate us! We don’t like it! What we want to focus on is the entourage effect, and that’s what Ideal Buds is all about! The best way to determine whether cannabis is going to be good is to do what we’ve always done! GIVE IT A WHIFF!

Once you’ve found right combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, you will have found your Ideal Bud. Ask our Expert Certified Budtenders to assist you in finding the cannabis experience you are seeking. Cannabis is a beautiful thing and we want to help you enjoy it as much as we can. ✌️❤️