Ideal Buds is a family owned and operated business with locations in Dryden, Atikokan and Sioux Lookout, where we try all our products before we stock them to ensure we carry only the best at Ideal Buds.


Shopping at Ideal Buds

In order to protect our clientele from lining up outside our store, we’ve chosen to use “Skiplino” which is a digital queuing system that allows you to get in line virtually. We’re certain you’ll find it more pleasant than standing in line, estimating what 2 meters looks like. Not to mention the cold! Below is a quick video to walk you through using the app (if needed).


If you haven’t read the “about” page, then you should know that we focus our menu on terpenes in addition to the THC/CBD potency. The video below will introduce you to the terpene wall that we have set up at our store; it’s intended to introduce you to the most basic terpenes in cannabis and get you thinking about the unique effects they have on your endocannabinoid system. It’s the combination of terpenes and THC/CBD that significantly change the high you experience. Once you’ve found the combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids that create the experiences you are looking for, you will have found your “Ideal Bud” ☺