• Cannabis affects your ability to subconsciously react correctly to more than one event or if many things are going on, for example a ball bouncing out in front of you while driving, would be noticed right away but cannabis will delay the “hey what about a kid chasing it” part of the reaction. It impairs the realization of a series of events (source CBC) 
  • Rear-end collisions become a factor with people” who are under the influence of cannabis.  (source CBC) 
  • You’re simply more distracted than you realize 
  • As far as your insurance companies concerned its impaired driving, depending on you insurer, your policy might not cover ANY loss damages! Your premiums could triple as well. (source Globe and Mail) 
  • Wait a MINIMUM of 4 hours after ingesting “any” amount of cannabis (like 1 puff). If you got “wasted” (very high) wait a full 8 hours (Source CBC)