Cannabis and Mold

Thinking about growing your own?

Cannabis, by nature is a mold haven and we know that mold affects health. Mold exposure can cause sickness, allergy symptoms, blurred vision, nausea, etc etc. But did you know, that by being exposed to mold, your emotional and cognitive sides are also affected? According to James Schaller, M.D., CMR and Gary Rosen, PhD, CIE, in the book Mold Illness and Mold Remediation Made Simple, Mold chemicals can affect cognition, emotions, and personality! They’ve made a list of all the different affects mold can have:

Mold Affects Emotions, Cognition, & Personality

  • mood swings
  • mania
  • irritability
  • impulsivity
  • increased risk taking
  • decreased speech smoothness
  • poor stress coping
  • increased verbal fighting
  • lateness
  • poor empathy
  • poor boundary awareness
  • immaturity
  • spacey
  • rigidity
  • poor insight
  • decreased productivity
  • unable to process trauma or pain
  • increased narcissism
  • forgetfulness
  • poorly or obsessively organized
  • dead creativity
  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • decreased attention
  • eccentric personality
  • increased drug or alcohol consumption

Of course mold is not the only cause of these mental issues, but it can be a direct source as well as worsen the prognosis further.