Let’s Talk Terpenes

Some of the most common terpenes in cannabis include Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene and Linalool:
Let’s start with one of the terpene’s which is found in the more common brands of cannabis, Myrcene. This essential oil is found in things like bay leaves, hops and mango. It can be used to unwind and relax. Most importantly, this terp aids cannabinoids with their biological functions, helping molecules such as THC and CBD to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Regulated products available at Ideal Buds which feature this terpene include Tropic Thunder Hybrid 2:1 Vape Cartridge by General Admission, Tsunami by Hexo and OS.HASH 10 by Original Stash

Then there’s Limonene and as its name suggests, this terp is found in citrus fruits (its peels) and even many household cleaners. Consumers are said to use this for an energizing or uplifting experience. But don’t be confused, there are two versions of this hydrocarbon. R-limonene (also called D-limonene) smells like citrus, whereas S-limonene smells more like pine. Some of the products available at Ideal Buds with this particular terpene are BC Organic Secret Strawberry Live Rosin by Simply Bare Organic, Stargazer 510 Thread Cartridge by Broken Coast, and Freshly Baked #76 by OGEN Ltd.


Next up, is Caryophyllene. This essential oil is found in several herbs and spices, including every day black pepper. Most consumers agree this terp can provide an overall calming experience. Similar to Myrcene, this helpful hydrocarbon also aids in the biological function of cannabis, activating parts of the endocannabinoid system that other terpenes cannot reach. The regulated product’s that have this terpene are the OS.HASH 10 by Original Stash, BC Organic Blue Dream by Simply Bare and Blendcraft Sativa Shatter by Qwest.

Another well-known terpene is Pinene. It’s found in pine needles, conifers and herbs like rosemary. Consumers report feelings of increased alertness and focus from this particular essential oil. This terpene is said to have the ability to counteract some of the potentially unwanted effects of THC. Available at Ideal Buds, this dried flower from Nor’Easter Plus by Skosha is one cultivar that includes this terpene. There’s also Amnesia Haze prerolls by Station House, Trainwreck Redee 510 Thread Cartridge by Redecan and Wappa Shatter by Fireside.

The terpene Linalool is another common compound. It can be found in over 200 different plants such as lavender, cinnamon and is added to many botanical repellents. It’s known to produce a more calming or chill experience, similar to how a standard essential oil would. One regulated product available at Ideal Buds featuring this terpene is this Subway Scientist by Riff. Other cultivars includeTHCA Diamonds by Kolab and Goji OG Vape Cartridge by Foray.

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