About Ideal Buds Inc.

Ideal Buds is a family owned cannabis store with locations in Dryden, Atikokan and Sioux Lookout where we try all our products before we stock them to ensure we carry only the best at Ideal Buds.

Our intention is to change the general perception of Cannabis consumers by creating educated and informed Cannabis Consumers. We do this by sharing “all” the information we encounter regarding Cannabis; both positive and negative aspects of Cannabis consumption.

We feel that Cannabis is not the “devil’s weed”, nor is it a “Magic Elixir”. Like many things in life, there can be “too much” of anything and Cannabis is no exception. Over consumption can feel very unpleasant. When it’s consumed in moderation, it can be a very pleasurable experience. We want to provide you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your Cannabis experience.

Simply put Cannabis is not for everyone!

Our Approach

Recall your first Cannabis purchase in your life; now remember your latest purchase. There is one thing you did both times – you stuck your nose in and inhaled the wonderful bouquet trapped within the flowerOver the years, you’ve noticed smells and hints of things that you learned were either good or not so good. We want to pick up from there.

What you were smelling are the TERPENES!

You can’t smell the THC potency (THC is odorless), but you did recognize good herb and even had your favourites. At Ideal Buds, we’re focusing on educating you on the 6 most prominent terpenes in cannabis. We need only address these 6 to get you started on your quest for your “Ideal Bud”, and once you’ve found the right combination of terpenes and cannabinoids that produce the effects you are looking for, you will have found your Ideal Bud.


What you were smelling are the TERPENES!